5 Ways to Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

Every one of us knows the struggle of getting settled and feeling comfortable in a new apartment, and it always seems to feel strange for at least the first few weeks. Well, fear not, because, with these 5 hacks in hand, you’ll be coming home with a smile on your face in no time!  


Make The Space Your Own!  

The key to adjusting to any new environment is to add a sense of familiarity to it, and new apartments are no different. The simple act of adding meaningful and memorable items to your home décor can instantly transform the vibe from a furniture showroom to a safe space to unwind. Focus on items that remind you of happy memories and build each room’s theme around those items instead of trying to stick them into an idea you already had for the design. Once you do that, simply tweak the aesthetics until it feels right to you, and remember to keep it simple, so the room doesn’t feel overcrowded.   

Understand Your Lighting and Make It Happen  

Many people may overlook the importance of good lighting, but the entire room can change if you understand the lighting that works for your room and your preferences. The slight differences in color tone in your lights can be crucial, so start by figuring out which you prefer. Once that’s done, it comes down to positioning and aesthetics, so try out all kinds of lamps and bulbs to find which fits the room best. For example, in a room with a screen or television, softer lighting that is spaced out a bit more will reduce strain on your eyes, but your kitchen needs to be well-lit for obvious reasons. Invest the time to get this step right and you won’t regret it.   

A Clean Routine  

Once you move in, you need to make sure to keep your space clean and well-kept, and the easiest way to do that is to develop a routine to clean every so often. This kind of set routine can be bothersome at first, but eventually, it can be cathartic to have a set time to do something relatively stress-free. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but with a routine, you won’t have that buildup of chores that never gets done ever again.   

Throw in a Splash of Color  

Whether this means buying indoor plants or a fancy-looking rug, any kind of unique element can add an extra layer of vibrance to your apartment and change the way everything comes together. It doesn’t have to be outlandish but find your style and don’t be afraid of bold looks to spice the place up. Finally...Friends and Family!  

All of these tips and tricks are well and good, but the best part of your new apartment is the experiences you can have with the people you love. Set your space the way you like it and celebrate even the smallest victories in life with your favorite people, because that’s the true meaning of home.   

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Jan 18